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Vaportini Complete Kit Complete Kit Complete Kit includes; Globe,Straw,Metal Ring,Funnel, Candle,Engraved Base, Choice of Purple or White Lettering Product #: 1 5 stars, based on 89 reviews Regular price: $45.00 $45.00 (Sale ends ) Available from: Condition: New In stock! Order now!

Alcoholic Vaporizer

The Vaportini is a sleek and elegant new device that heats up high proof alcohol to a temperature that separates the alcohol from the water, allowing you to inhale the alcohol vapor and receive a similar effect to drinking normally, but in a much shorter period of time.

  • 1oz (2/3 shot) alcohol is heated up with a small candle, then the alcohol is inhaled seamlessly with a glass straw.
  • The alcohol is consumed directly into the bloodstream, skiping the digestive track, allowing you to consume little to no calories, less carbs, no impurities, no hangover and the effects are felt immediately.
  • Most people experience a relaxed and mellow feeling for the duration of the effects while the effects from the Vaportini can generally last 20-40 minutes depending on the amount and proof of alcohol chosen.
  • Not only can you still taste the flavor of the alcohol, you can add combine flavors by infusing differnt spirits to create a unique flavor for every experience. The possibilities are endless.

It was invented by a woman named Julia Palmer in January 2013 when she partook in a local tradition that involved dumping vodka over the hot coals at a local sauna. The heat from from the coals evaporated the alcohol and allowed Julia and her friends to become inebriated in the vapors. She enjoyed the experience so much that she asked her father, an engineer, to help craft a device that would be similar. Thus the Vaportini was born.

How does the Vaportini work?

The Vaportini kit, elegant as it may be, is quite simple. There is a glass globe or sphere with a small hole that fits onto a hollow metal ring transcribed with the Vaportini signature on it. If you purchase the complete set for $45 from, this sphere can then sit on your signature 1 pint Vaportini glass, otherwise you’ll have to find a pint glass of your own which will work just fine. Place the candle in the bottom of the pint glass and then fill the glass globe with about 1 shot of high proofed liquor. High proofed liquor is recommend to get the best experience and flavors out of the Vaportini as not all the alcohol is vaporized. After about 10-15 minutes the alcohol begins to condense inside the glass sphere/globe, you should then insert the glass straw provided, inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds, exhale, and then the effects should be felt almost immediately.

Are there any side effects to inhaling alcohol?

Well there aren’t any, or we’re not sure if there are. Inhaling alcohol is quite a new phenomenon, and as a result, there isn’t a lot of evidence to pick a side. However that hasn’t stopped the media and parents from worrying about the potential negative side effects from alcohol inhalation, and they have a right to. When alcohol is absorbed through the lungs rather than the stomach, the alcohol bypasses the digestive track and is absorbed directly into the blood stream. This is why you feel the effects so quickly, and also the reason why the potential for overdosing is higher. Not only that, but because the alcohol was never swallowed orally, there’s nothing to puke up if the time should come. It’s obvious the Vaportini has the potential for abuse, but what alcoholic substance doesn’t? The choice is yours, but please, inhale responsibly.

Will there be other devices like the Vaportini?

Given the relatively recent changes in the legality and decriminalization of marijuana, smoking has been a hot topic for controversy and debate throughout the nation. As the United States continue to argue over the legality of marijuana, businesses will take advantage of all the media attention to develop and release new devices that cater to the people. Given the recent polls success concerning marijuana’s legalization, it’s no suprise that the Vaportini or items like the Vaportini are being invented. So don’t be surprised if you see other alcoholic vaporizers looking to take some market share.

Why Vaportini?

Witness a revolution to the way we consume alcohol

Feel the effects faster, forget the calories, drop the impurities

The vaportini is the purest alcohol inhalation device on the market

Combine an endless array of possibilites to create a unique flavor for every expeience

A great way to enjoy the fall and winter days with friends! ...

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